hey, 2013.

As the last few seconds of 2012 ticked away on tv with the NYC ball dropping in Times Square in the background I felt a small sense of, what was it? Panic, I guess, that the best year of my life so far was coming to a close. I am SO incredibly thankful for everything that happened in 2012, the Lord was so good to me, people were good to me, I was good to me. Just like most everyone else, the new year’s arrival has made me think about life a lot the last 23 hours (as I have been awake for most of them) and as amazing as last year was I still have hopes that 2013 will only be better. I don’t have any giant plans set in stone just yet, I learned in Kenya that doing so isn’t very wise as God likes to throw us big loving curveballs at the last second, but here are a few things I am planning on doing in no particular order of importance. The list will only continue to get longer 🙂

let little things be little things. i think everyone could use a little less drama in their lives. i am trying to cultivate more peace by being more peaceful. if it’s not a big deal, i will not make it one. is it worth getting super stressed about traffic when i have no control over it? will 2 no-show clients really make that big of a dent in my paycheck? if people in my life don’t do things the way i want them to or in the time i wish they would does that mean they need to change or that they don’t love me like they should? No, no and definitely not.

take better care of myself. this is all encompassing. i want to get back into bikram yoga (it hurts so good!), drink more water, listen to more music (live, please!), read more, write more, pray more, listen better, express myself better, encourage myself, get massages more often (i’m learning how necessary this is being a MT), run when i want to, quit tearing myself down about looks/thoughts/things i am doing/things i am not doing/weight/etc., and enjoying all alone time.

learn to play the guitar. i have always wanted to. i’ve fiddled around with it for years but i seriously want to devote time to it each week so i can play whatever i want when i need a solo jam-out session.

start my own business. i actually have two ideas in mind, one is under wraps for now but i definitely want to work for myself more when it comes to massage work, after a few more months under my belt i think i will be able to make it work pretty well. i am fairly certain i will be moving back to san diego sometime in the summer so that is when i’m hoping to kick that one off, i am open to creative business names!

meet friends for coffee more often. just to chat.

log in more Bible time. it’s seriously essential and i have been depriving myself.

learn to crochet. just long enough to make one infinity scarf. that’s the most serious commitment i can make to such a sport at this time.

I’m so excited for new endeavors in 2013. I see lots of love, lots of silliness, lots of goodness, lots of books, lots of surfing, lots of learning, lots of YAY on the way. 123GO!

be. f u l l. of. l o v e.

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