Sawa Sawa

I’m going to Africa. In 3 days…not even 3 whole days. ksahfliasdhflasjfdlkajshdbljhasdljhagsdkaj!!!! weeeeooooooo! YEEEEEE! YIPPEEEE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I am soooo so so so happy. I just wanted to thank everyone who has ever read this blog during this crazy time in my life. I have done so much soul searching in past 3 years, the past year especially, and I am so thankful that so many people love me and support me and are proud of me even when I feel like I am running in circles, making no sense & going insane.

Africa has been on my heart for about 4 years now and I was always so frustrated that trips I was interested in never ended up working out. Now, looking back, I am so thankful that this trip came about at this time in my life. I am so ready for life change. I hope I come back a totally new creature- equipped to love everyone to a capacity I’ve never reached before. I hope I see the world a lot differently. I hope I am much more grateful for the people and things and opportunities in my life. I hope I can be someone who is easier to love. I hope I find some clarity and direction for my life.

In my last blog post I forgot to write about someone I am thankful for, oops! I will start again now…

I am thankful for Kellyn. She has been one of my best friends since I moved to NC in 5th grade. She is silly. She is beautiful. She is so incredibly intelligent. She is fun. We have had countless adventures through the creek, Monty Python marathons, Bohemian Rhapsody singalongs and bowls of cereal over the Sunday funnies. Kellyn is my breed of person. There aren’t many fools out there like us & I am so grateful to have found her before the weird middle & high school years when your individuality can be something that gets lost somewhere along the way.  Kellyn has always inspired me to be myself, to embrace the uniqueness I possess, & to be bold enough to go my own way in life. So here we are, 4 years after high school- one of us traveling to Africa and one of us traveling to the Marshall Islands. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming and so grateful for her friendship and support in my life. Love you Schmellyn! I am also so thankful that she introduced me to this poem, which I feel like describes the hearts of people like us.

There is a race of men that can’t fit in

A race that can’t stay still

So they break the hearts of kith & kin

And roam the world at will

They range the field and rove the flood

And climb the mountains crest

Theirs is a curse of the gypsy blood

And they don’t know how to rest

If they just went straight they might go far

For they are strong & brave & true

But they tire of the things that are

And want the strange & new


In 4 days I will be over 7000 miles away from this bed and this laptop and this little town. That alone is something to praise the Lord for. My gypsy blood is about to boil, I’ve been cooped up foreverrrr. Here is a picture of me being excited. I took this 2 days ago and was holding up 5 fingers…so I cropped 2 out 🙂

Also, here is one of my new favorite worship songs. One Thing Remains- the Jesus Culture version. So true.

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1 Response to Sawa Sawa

  1. Kellyn says:

    🙂 i love this, and i love how that poem is getting passed from friend to friend at exactly the right moments, and i love youuuu! im so happy for you and proud of you and can’t wait to hear about this trip and its aftermath! <33333

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