Picture Update

Tonight Parker and I went to celebrate Elevation’s 5 year anniversary (red carpet style!) and the documentary This Is How We Change The World was premiered. It was soooo great and so inspiring and it was awesome to see just how my church got to where it is. I am inspired and pumped up to have huge faith and to take chances for God to work in my life. He may not do things exactly the way I want Him to or in the time that I want Him to do them, but He will surpass all of my expectations and blow my plans out of the water. 🙂 He is so good.


Oh and it was way fun to spend this night with my big little brother. Even wearing heels, I am still shorter than him! When did he get older than 5??


I also have a lot more Africa updating to do…quite a lot has changed since my last post on the trip and I need to explain the coolness of it!! It’s pretty rad what happens when you let it go and let God take the reigns (I definitely still stress out and try to handle my life all by myself some days) His plans are way cooler and it is really really neat to see the way He answers prayers that we don’t even know to ask, that we don’t feel qualified to ask for. But HE qualifies me..and who can stand against that?!


be full of love.



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