Gratefulness To-Go

I love to read Jason Mraz’s blog. He is silly and intelligent and always very positive. Me gusta.
He did this little exercise on his blog and challenged those reading it to do the same & i thought it was a really cool idea. I have so much to be thankful for, especially in the last 3-4ish years of self-discovery and coast-hopping. So here is a list of all of the things I can think of in 90 seconds that I am grateful for…and go!

  • God’s love
  • free tshirts
  • family & friends(one in the same)
  • heartbreak
  • surf seshes with dad
  • laughing until tears are streaming down my face
  • california burritos
  • roadtrips
  • prayer
  • never having to worry because God’s got it covered
  • getting massages (very rare lately, makes them much more appreciated when received)
  • Truth
  • Canada
  • meditation & yoga being mandatory in school
  • student grants
  • sister time
  • distance¬† =ing out to nada
  • uggs
  • working out so hard i think i might puke, and then NOT puking
  • sunnies & flippy floppies
  • ex bf’s
  • those who know me better than i know myself some days
  • hope
  • elevation church & the rock
  • all types of music
  • my Nikon
  • quiet time at la jolla cove
  • mom’s cooking
  • summertime
  • my health (such a blessing!)
  • avocados
  • dancing
  • singing really loudly & badly
  • disneyland
  • freedom to be as i am
  • smiles
  • the opportunity to go to Zambia

There’s a lot more but in 90 seconds that’s what I got…okay, okay it was probably like 104 seconds..dont judge me. I hope everyone’s year has started off great. I am back from San Diego now. It was so great to go back home for a while and re-energize & catch up with fam & friends while eating a ton of mexican food. My first day back in NC (today) we recieved about 5 inches of snow overnight & it’s still coming down. While I prefer the sunny coast of San Diego, I am grateful for the opportunity to see God’s beauty in another way and to have a day to relax and get my feet back on the ground. The new semester starts this week (weather permitting) & I have work and ZAMBIA stuff to prepare…I am gonna be super busy. I am gonna do semi-frequent updates on my trip but I’m also going to keep this as my everyday life blog too….so there will be a little of everything. Did you guys make any new years resolutions? I did. I want to be bold in every situation and I want to change the way I think and the way I speak. I need to be radiating more positivity. 1,2,3…go!

be full of love

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