For the past few years I have had an indescribable and inescapable pull to Africa..even before the RED campaign & other Africa hype, I felt God pulling hard on my heartstrings. I really can’t explain it at all. After a few years of learning a great deal more about God, myself and my passions- things have finally fallen into place…


I am so so so so so excited. I have no idea what to expect and I think that’s a good thing. I don’t really want any expectations going in & I just want to soak up everything like a giant sponge…with blonde hair. All I know about the trip so far is that I have to raise around $4500, I leave in July (for a month), I will be living in a tent at an orphanage where some/most? of the kids have HIV or AIDS , & I’ll be the leader of 4 or 5 middle school & high school girls. I cannot wait. It is basically all I can think about. All day. Every day. I think about those kids all the time & wonder if they’re having a good day, if they are getting all their meals, if people are around to play with them and hug them, if their disease is getting the best of them that day. I love them so much already and I don’t know them yet. I miss them so much it hurts and I don’t know what it’s like to spend time with them yet. That’s been the weirdest thing about this process so far. When preparing for trips down to Mexico or Jamaica, I knew I would be coming in contact with kids but I never thought about them so much or felt them in my heart so much before I even landed in their part of the world. I can already tell God is going to rock my FACE off with this experience. The coolest part is that it’s a 9 month process that’s already started…that’s why I am starting to blog now. I am gonna try to post something every week or two just to keep everyone informed & to kind of hold myself accountable. I have a few fundraiser ideas that I will let you guys know about soon, but if anyyyyone has any ideas…please let me know. I could probably make this money all by myself just by working my butt off, but I really want to get creative with it and get more people involved. I think the idea of having a whole team behind me when I go down there is so awesome. Not only would I be representing Jesus’ love, but I would have a whole team of people back home who are in this too who have supported me and helped me raise money and PRAYED for me in the months leading up to the trip. So here is blog numero uno for my adventure to Africa. I’m so excited to see what God’s got planned.

You may be wondering who that adorable little child is up there in that picture…I have no idea…but I found this sweet little thing on google images when I was looking up pictures people has taken on global expeditions trips to Zambia. If I find this kid, they’re coming home with me. Glitter-face & all. ❤

Here’s my first info packet I got in the mail…I was way too excited to get this. It just made it more real that I’m actually going. The only not so cool part about this package was the little piece of info letting me know about the chunk of money due right around Christmas time…oh! did you guys just see that? my newest tattoo just slipped down quite a few notches on the to-buy list..and a couple of your Christmas presents :]

Here is a worship song that I am loving right now. It may not work due to contract restrictions or something, but it’s called A Beautiful Exchange by Hillsong. SO. GOOD. I’ll be including a song in every post too, I’m gonna be fueling up with this stuff!

be full of love


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5 Responses to Africa

  1. Krista Gantt says:

    Tori, I’m so excited for you. And yes God is going to Rock your world. And count me in on helping and praying for you. I probably will never get to go again but I can definitely help send others. He is going to do amazing things in your life. The fact that you are already wondering and thinking and praying for these kids and missing them is a testimony of what God is doing in your life. I miss my kids everyday and wonder the exact same things. That picture could have very well been one of mine. I have some precious pictures I would love to share with you. If anyone can go to Africa and not come home changed, then something is terribly wrong. Love ya, girl. Have a blessed day. E-mail me.

  2. Kim Vandenberg says:

    Great blog! I love you and am so stoked to see what God is going to do through you, but most of all in you! This will be an awesome thing to look back on and see how He was working, even during the dark times…and there will be dark times! BUT, He is faithful and merciful and gracious to those He loves. Face every challenge with the knowledge that He is in control and His will, will be done. Those kids in Africa, and the ones you will mentor are very lucky. Just think, they are already chosen…have been since the beginning of time! There are many “prayer warriors” praying for you. To God be the Glory! ❤ Malm

  3. Sue Sullivan says:

    Hey Tori,

    I’ve read your blog. You are an amazing young woman and you inspire me!! I met you many years ago in Tahoe where you and Michael spent many hours goofing around, playing basketball and playing in the lake. You are in his life scrapbook I made him for his H.S. graduation under “first love”. It’s truly a great pic of the both of you. I pray that you have a wonderful and life-altering experience in Africa and I know that you will do well with God’s love protecting you!!! Keep the blogs going and I’ll keep reading them.

    Best wishes and a safe and happy trip,


  4. katie Busby says:


    This is sooo great! Im so proud of you and look up to you! I am seriously sitting at my desk right now trying to hold back my tears! God has blessed you soo much! I am SOOOO Stoked for you!!! I am totally strapped for cash right now but would like to donate some money and please let me know if there is anything AT ALL I can help with!

    I love you, you are truly an inspiration to everyone in your life~

    Love ,
    Katie (Your sister from another Mister)

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