an even keel

“I surf because…it keeps my life at an even keel. Without it, it would just tip into oblivion.” -Andy Irons

I need to register for classes next semester. I need to do homework. I need to clean out my car. & I REALLY need to shave my legs. But so far today I haven’t done any of those things. I was too busy laughing with Brit until mascara tears were running down my face, which makes me feel much more accomplished and successful.

I think the key to success is to keep everything at an “even keel”.  If you’re just working all the time & not leaving room or MAKiNG room for the people & activities you love- you, my friend, will go bananas. On the other hand though, if you’re just screwing around all the time & not getting anything done that you need to, not only are you an idiot- YOU, my silly friend, will be broke as a joke.

After the passing of two amazing Andys: first, Andy Irons- surfing champ;; and just a few days ago, Andy Hovis- a sweet, gentle & completely LOVED guy I went to high school with- I have been forced to look at life and how amazing and awesome and incredibly SHORT it is. After someone is taken so suddenly, especially someone I know to some degree and probably saw most days of my high school career, I start to think- what do I need to be doing differently with my life? What do I need to say to the people I love and care about? How will I be remembered? Life is so beautiful & people are so amazing and complex. Everyone deserves more of our attention and love and compassion. Why can’t I always be conscious of this? Especially the people in my life every day…do they know what they mean to me? and if not, why haven’t I told them yet?

Today I am so thankful for the time I spent with Britt, she is seriously like a breath of fresh air. Basically, we talk about life, play with cute animals, eat & laugh hysterically- then repeat. She’s a San Diegan too, so not only is she like a sister, I just feel like I have another piece of home here with me in NC. I’m also thankful for new friends/complete gentlemen (I almost thought they were extinct), cute bebes, uggs, laughter, free red bulls, fellow surf bums, fortune cookies, rainy days, being aware of myself and days off of work. I had been talking…ok, whining, to God about how lonely I was here in NC because all my friends live away & He has totally cured that loneliness with not only His love, but friends at work that I absolutely adore & Britt moving back to Char. He is so good it’s ridiculous…

here is one of my favorite J. Mraz songs. I’ve been listening to it over and over this evening so I just thought I’d share. It’s just so awesome & it makes me miss San Diego & PCOM…thankfully, Christmas will be here soon ❤ Now it’s time to go register for classes and shave my legs, one would think i’m participating in No Shave November…but sadly, I’m just lazy.

be full of love


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