love your mother.

I seriously hate BP for this oil spill. I am mad at myself & the fact that I have been hiding from the news & I haven’t been educating myself on what all is going on & how I can be of help. It is horrible that we are essentially CRAPPING all over our mother earth & it is insulting to God & insulting to everyone/ thing on the planet. When did we get so lazy & disgusting & distracted? When did it become okay for us to sit back & enjoy the world cup & drives to the city without even thinking twice about the destruction that is going on in the Gulf? This way of living is nottttt okay. Action needs to be taken by everyone. 

Recycle. Turn the water off when you brush your teeth. Don’t use your car for everything, use your LEGS or your BIKE. Donate to a charity that is helping with the oil spills..or any charity at all. Pick up trash on the beach, on the side of the road, at your own house! We just all need to take a step back from our lives for a minute and take a look at the life of our mother. We are drowning her in filth & negativity. We need to love on her, she’s a pretty old lady, but she IS pretty & we take her for granted. She is falling apart & so are we. We need to band together & all take care of her & eachother. This sounds so simple minded & hippy-ish…but life does not have to be complicated. We shouldn’t need robots to take care of our problems, because they can’t do it right anyway! WE need to take a stand & fix this huge huge mess.

I am inspired to live in a different way, to go about life in a way that is mindful of the next generation & how my actions today will affect them years down the road. I seriously can not imagine my life without the ocean. I am away from it entirely to much at this point in my life, but I grew up loving the ocean & spending countless hours in it. It is a place where I find peace & solitude & excitement & community & strength & beauty. God never intended for us to make such a huge mess out of something so beautiful but I am sure He is expecting us to clean up after ourselves. I don’t know about anyone else who will ever read this, but I am ready to love my mother. So take positive action. Even the smallest one.

On another note…enjoy G. Love. He is the master of mellow.

be full of love


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  1. Britt says:

    First of all…yes. I agree. Good point. Haha


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