So for the past day or two, I’ve been in a funk. I won’t go into details of who and what helped contribute to my funk but I will say, I found my only cure. Running my ass off with my headphones shoved in my ears playing angry music AND…zumba. While I am sure I look like a complete nitwit, after about an hour this morning, I am sweating like a pig (haven’t showered yet, I feel too accomplished) & I am not in a funk any more. In the past 14 hours I ran over 4 miles, walked my dog all over town & zumba’d my heart out. And ate some ice cream…but COME ON no one is perfect. 🙂  So for all you who may have lonely hearts, tired souls or hey, maybe you’re like me and you just feel pissed off.. maybe Zumba is your therapy.

*Maybe try it at home first. I feel like if I’d gone out and done this in public, I may be in an irreversible funk. So try YouTube first.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend filled with sunshine, laughter & a good humbling moment to make sure your ego doesn’t go & inflate itself too much. Also, get over all the crap the week piled up on you, it’s finally the weekend. Today is a brand new day.

be full of love,


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