“So much sacred in the month of June”

*This was supposed to get posted yesterday…oops.

As I sit in my favorite little coffee shop in the court circle & listen to the beautiful family next to me speak some beautiful language (I think it’s Italian but I can’t tell over the reggae music playing & frappes being made) I decide that I want to study/ live abroad. Kill two birds with one stone, right? I love America (I say as I sit here in my Mexico WC jersey circa 2006) but I just need to experience life somewhere else for a while. Is it just me, or does life seem richer in Italy or France or Greece? Not monetarily richer…just more LIVEly.

I’ve studied massage today, drank coffee, watched an hour & 1/2 of Sex & the City, made a to-do list for my life & I feel as though today, my sick day, has been productive. I have been given a breath of fresh air by my friend Clarity. He’s been out of town for a while & I was so glad to be invited to his homecoming party. He told me over a mug of mango tea & some twizzlers, “Pull yourself together, girl. You’ve got a few kinks to undo, but you. are. fine. You have time. And slowly but surely, you are starting to find your place in this crazy mess of a world. So take a deep breath, don’t be so hard on yourself & here, have another twizzler.”

If Clarity turned into a real person, I think he would be my gay best friend.

be full of love


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2 Responses to “So much sacred in the month of June”

  1. Brit Bell says:

    I keep reading this over and over..I absolutely love this post. Especially the last line and the Mayer song. I totally understand the idea that life is richer in other parts of the world. I definitely felt that way in Europe and that’s why I want to go back so much and also why I want to go to other places so much. I have no problem spending every cent I have to go on a vacation because traveling is SO worth it to me. Me & Caleb plan on living in Europe somewhere after he graduates…just for like a year or so..and I’m stoked. Hopefully we can be neighbors 🙂

  2. Brit Bell says:

    Oh, yeah and…you ARE fine. Having so many passions that it’s hard to find one to focus on or a way to accomplish them all is NOT a problem. Welll maybe it’s a little one but look at all the other problems you could have. You’re an amazing person with great friends/family and aspirations…seriously, you ARE fine. I heard a song at work today that reminded me of your “summer of the SD-NC move” (there aren’t any good names for it really) and I thought about how proud I am of you for turning a crappy situation into your life now and for not giving up on ol’ NC. So, just to emphasis Mr.Clarity’s points…don’t worry…take a breath…and laugh 🙂

    I loves you!

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