Glitter & dancing & la-la-la’s

Okay so my friend Caitlin and I have always had a list of Summer Songs. Since the summer before middle school we have hung out by her pool, ate david’s chicken, laughed our asses off, turned into indian babies & danced all summer long. Since then, we’ve been busy, started college and I’ve moved to and fro a million times & we have missed a few summers in between. But this year we are back in full force. Our summer playlist is short so far, but numero uno is Glitter in the Air by Pink.  I am so blessed with amazing friends who will laugh with me and at me and dance like a ballerina in the pool with me. Hallelujah, Amen.

Be full of love,


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2 Responses to Glitter & dancing & la-la-la’s

  1. you need to add “We danced anyway” By Deana Carter! I was listenin to that CD with Frack the other day and I almost forgot about this song but it TOTALLY made me think of you haha with all of the “la la la’s” I thought it was right up your ally 😉

  2. Brit Bell says:

    ahh love that song Bec! I used to have that CD too haha

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