Hi Mom

Hi. I completely suck at blogging. Maybe it’s because I know no one is reading these except Becca and Brittany and Melissa…theyre the only ones I have told about this thing. 🙂 So tonight I have decided to put up the link on facebook, with the realization that even though many may see it…only one or two people will actually read it (Hi, Mom. :] Please dont talk about or elude to the fact that you read this ok? ok. weeboo) I want to actually start writing on a regular basis so the select few who read this can get to know me a little better. I usually suck at talking about myself, but if I go on believing no one will read this besides those I share everything with…I’ll be more of an open blog. Here are a few things about myself that are silly, weird, what have you..

1. I sing and dance in the shower, but only when I am POSITIVE no one else is home…neighbors too. 🙂

2. I can count on my two hands how many times I have been someplace & have truly been 100% in that moment/space/experience. My heart is usually in 3 different states/countries/people at a time. A blessing & a curse at the same time.

3. I put books on my bedside table that will redeem another book I may have in the pile. Not many people come in my room often, but I want to make sure I look well rounded when someone does.

4. After years of saying it, now I can truly say that Jesus is my best friend & mean it.

5. I learned all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody in 8th grade. Kellyn & I stayed up late into the night playing it over & over, eating cheezits & ice cream & laughing our asses off.

6. I love my family so much and I really suck at letting them know that. So Mom, I love you! (& everyone else too!)

7. I am really scared of being out somewhere and going numero 2. I’m sorry if that is TMI, but it has happened to way to many people I know and it scares me. SO. BAD.

8. If something is the least bit different about my body, I freak out a little bit & stay up googling what could be wrong with me. Then I get tired & a little over it, go to sleep. & usually wake up just peachy & ALiVE! God is good like that, right?

9. I have always wanted to do a Chinese fire drill thingy…in the car @ a stoplight…is that even what it’s called? 

10.  I feel like God gives us all desires & dreams & talents & hobbies because He wants us to use them for the Kingdom. My desire is to be a part time missionary & to start a community of beach goers/surfers/skaters/swimmers/picnickers(?) & set out around the community/nation/world and love people & empower youth through serving them & just having a good time. I feel as though I am talented at making friends & loving people; & I feel most alive at the ocean & when traveling soooo why not mix them all together?!



p.s. dont JUDGE me. the book is good okay?! 🙂

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2 Responses to Hi Mom

  1. ah! haha YES! Miles to go:best.bio.book.ever.

    #7 do you remember when Ali did and we were laughing about it and you got so serious and was like “NO, no really guys. I am SO worried one day that will be me!!!” haha

    #8 you totally sound like CarrieAnn who webmd’s everything…

    #9 how are you my friend and NOT done this yet?! we will next weekend for sure! 🙂 and yes, that is what its called..

    Let me know how you like the book!!! ANd yessss please write more 🙂


  2. CarrieAnn says:

    LOL….I was going to comment about #7 and #8, and then I just saw Becca’s comment! It’s all about self-diagnosis baby! Love the picture, too.

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