500+ Days of Someone.

So you’ve heard about the movie, right? (500D.o.Summer) So good. I love when movies inspire you to be individual & silly. I love the way Tom loves in the movie. With everything he’s got. All the way. Even to the point sometimes that he looks stupid. I identify with him so much. I just got back from San Diego last night (I am currently sitting on my bed thats full of clothes I unpacked & havent put away yet) and when I go back there now I am constantly reminded of how blind in love I was with that guy. SO blind that I left my own personal paradise of carne asada, 70 degree winters & miles of beautiful ocean life @ my fingertips behind. Live & learn, right? I also identify with that movie because it’s only when Tom finds someone else to love that he is able to move on. (spoiler alert, maybe? sorry. :] ) I feel like that is me. While there is no way in hell that I’d restart that old relationship, I’m still not completely over it. How do you get over love unless you find equal or better love somewhere else? My answer is…I don’t. I feel like love is so different for everyone. We all have our own love story & our own encounters with love. Love is everywhere, but sometimes we can’t see it in certain things or just don’t want to. So while everyone else may be able to get over past love easily…me & ol’  Tom, well, it takes us a while. At least the poor guy only had to deal with 500 days of that hooker…I’m going on almost 2 years. Anyway, here is my song for the day. I don’t think it’s from the soundtrack from 500 days.. but Zooey & Joseph are in there & I really love it- very fun & makes you wanna dance. Enjoy! & happy 2010 by the way!



p.s. my fish Phil is gone :[ My bastard of a cat decided to have him for a snackaroo while I was gone. Attached is a photo from our trip home from VA this summer & I put him in a little trash can for safe traveling. RIP, Phil- I love you!

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2 Responses to 500+ Days of Someone.

  1. melbelle88 says:

    Hahaha I love you so much =) and your fishy in a trashcan picture. Only you mada 😉

    I totally feel you about the differences in the way people experience and deal with love and loss. It’s so strange how we were all made by the same creator, but He made us all SO different. I bet God wears chucks. Creative people wear chucks… and God seems to be quite the creative soul… thus, chucks. I digress.

    loving people is sometimes one of the hardest things to do, but the hardest thing is always letting go of love. I’m def a testament to that on many a level.

    Great thoughts =)

  2. murph83 says:

    I. Love. That. Movie.

    haha I totally identify with Tom too. I mean I was watching it recently and I just busted out laughing saying “OMG I *am* him!”

    It’s ok if we need to take our time. Eventually something great will sweep us off of our feet!

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