without You its a waste of time.

Sooooo….I’ve decided (for now at least) that I’m going to try and write every day and include a picture or a video or a song that I’ve taken/ watched/ listened to that day.

Today it snowed…and iced. But my family was all home together & we made cookies and laughed and listened to Christmas music, I know, how Norman Rockwell of us! I had kind of a tie for which song I was gonna use today but I picked the one that was the happiest sounding. 🙂

Elevation did a cover of this song a few weeks ago during the series on joy & I lovedddd it.  The music makes me feel nostalgic and sort of sad, like all Coldplay songs do. Is it weird that I like to feel sad sometimes? I like to miss good things that have passed. I like remembering. The words in this song make me thing of God & all of the people he has blessed me with in my life. “The sky could be blue, I don’t mind. Without you it’s a waste of time. The sky could be blue, could be gray. Without you I just slide away.” I mean, where would I be without all of the love that I get from my Father & all of these amazing people in my life. I know that God should be enough for me…but if all of these people somehow disappeared from my life, I don’t think I would be okay. Cause on the days when I don’t feel like God is near to me, it’s usually one of the people that He’s brought into my life that convince me otherwise. And they don’t convince me by reading Bible verses or praying for me right there on the spot (which is definitely needed and appreciated sometimes), but by just being around and loving on me and making me laugh and making me feel needed. So this song is definitely a favorite. For the nostalgia & the happy sadness & the Coldplay. I love the Coldplay. G’day. 🙂



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